Hair Care

Hair Care Tips

Pre Install Information
Co-washing your virgin hair before installing is a very important step! When Co-washing, only use conditioner to wash the hair. After Co-washing allow the hair to hang and fully air dry. New New Hair wefts are durable and re-enforced to avoid excessive shedding, if you desire an extra level of protection, you may seal your wefts for added protection to your investment.

Daily Care/Maintenance 
We do not suggest adding too much product to your hair as this may lead to buildup and tangling. You may use a very lightweight leave in conditioner and/or hair mist to protect against heat damage and frizziness. Use a product that is NOT Alcohol based and does not contain Sulfate. As your hair experiences product buildup, please fix this problem by washing the hair with a Shampoo.Select this theme to customize and add content to this page.